Hedge Funds, Free to Advertise, Need a Mascot

By Suzanne Woolley - 2013-07-18T20:46:26Z

Photograph by Alexander Safonov

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Reader Ideas

Readers responded with their own suggestions (scroll to the bottom of the linked story). The Contentious Otter recommends “anything related to theft or blood sucking” -- pirates, highwaymen, leeches, ticks. LouisW suggests a vulture. komentarista picks Godzilla: “It’s big, looks bad, but it's all make-believe.” A bull shark would work, writes Mary Sayegh. They “are not only highly aggressive and will even eat their own species to survive, they have unpredictable behavior. As a bonus, bull sharks can survive in both seawater and freshwater…just like hedge funds don’t need a bull market to make money." Mary Sayegh was just getting started. "In fact, bull sharks living in fresh water possess several organs with which to maintain appropriate salt and water balance," she went on. "Hedging doesn’t get more real than that!”