We the People: A Gay Marriage Mosaic

By Brent Murray - 2013-06-28T20:17:28Z

Photograph by M. Sharkey for Bloomberg.com

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Zack Richardson, Michelle Connely

Car builder and landscaper, post office worker

Zack: I think that any people should be able to get married. Gay, straight, it really shouldn't matter. It's another step, for sure, a new step, a much-needed step. It's something that shouldn't have ever been an issue to begin with. I've always had gay friends and like everybody to have equal rights.

Michelle: It's basically love. There's no rule on it and people are going to see that. You see straight people getting married, and look at our divorce rate. Who's to judge? I see that Jesus loves everybody equally. I know what the Bible says, but I also know that he forgives, and I think that anyone in their heart who accepts him, no matter what kind of person they are, he loves them all. We'll all be forgiven and accepted no matter what.