Digital Heckling: Vox Populi

By Suzanne Woolley, with Lauren Vicary - 2012-10-23T13:52:01Z

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Texts From Hillary

The images on the textsfromhillaryclinton tumblr show the Secretary of State in sunglasses on a plane, holding her blackberry and responding to texts from celebrities. One faux tweet that the real Clinton said was a favorite shows Ryan Gosling texting, "Hey Girl...." and a picture of Clinton texting back "...It's Madam Secretary." Another image shows facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg texting, "Guess what I just bought!" Clinton answers: "A shirt with a big-boy collar?" The Secretary (or her staff) sent in an actual text, part of which read, "ROFL @ ur Tumblr!" The actual tumblr no longer posts new images, but its creators were so amusing that a Clinton staffer invited them to the State Department, saying the Secretary wanted to meet them.