A Patent for What?

By Marcus Chan - 2012-09-17T21:57:31Z

Illustration by Jose Luis Alegria Mendez, Michelle Carla Danzinger Canata, and Edson Concha Quechuyao

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Self-Made Bed

Hate fixing your bed? Air it out. This "bedding straightening mechanism" shoots air throughout your bedspread to make it nice and tidy, "without the direct intervention of people," according to the patent filing. This invention, which is designed to attach to any bed, uses a compressor or turbine located inside a soundproof box to blow air into the bedding, causing the bedspread to inflate, lift and straighten out.

The inventors are Jose Luis Alegria Mendez and Michelle Carla Danzinger Canata of Santiago, Chile, and Edson Concha Quechuyao of VIII Region, Chile.