A Patent for What?

By Marcus Chan - 2012-08-27T21:24:43Z

Illustration by Darren Hodge

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Remote Controlled Kills

For hunters trying to avoid being detected by animals, this remote-controlled gun mount can be fired from hundreds of yards away. The device comes with night vision-capable cameras that broadcast video to the user over a monitor. The mount can also pivot the firearm, which allows for target tracking. The device supports a pistol, rifle, shotgun or machine gun, and has a stand for positioning on the ground. The invention can be modified for placement on top of a vehicle or in a tree. "The mount can lay dormant indefinitely and can be awoken at a moment's notice for the aiming and discharging of a firearm," according to the filing, which said the device may also be used by police, soldiers or border patrol agents. The inventor is Darron Hodge of Poplarville, Mississippi.