15 Internet Devices to Make Life Easier -- or Less Annoying

By Bloomberg News - 2013-12-03T18:21:04Z

Courtesy Nest Labs

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Nest Thermostat, Protect Smoke Detector

Price: $249 (thermostat), $129 (smoke detector)

Instead of the much-hyped Internet-enabled refrigerator, it's the even less sexy climate-control system that's exciting consumers. Nest Labs has managed to make the humdrum thermostat cool, with its connected device that learns when to turn up and down the heat and air conditioning on its own based on your routine and preferences. You can also control it with your mobile device.

Hoping for another hit, the startup just began selling a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that sends your phone alerts when the battery is low, sparing you that annoying chirp at 3 in the morning. And if it detects your burnt chicken? Wave your hand in front of the device to silence the alarm.

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