What’s For Dinner at Alma in Tel Aviv

By Anthony Grant - 2013-04-02T15:07:06Z

Photograph Courtesy of Alma

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Raw meat kubeh with semolina, beets and sheep's milk yogurt

Kubiniyeh is a Lebanese dish and variation on the classic kubeh, a kind of meat dumpling. "Traditionally for special occasions, Lebanese and Syrian women make these raw meat dumplings, usually using lamb, chopped very fine and mixed with semolina, then seasoned with a very concentrated tomato paste and salt and pepper," Roshfeld explains. "Here, we use beef instead of lamb, and make it more contemporary by covering it with beetroot—the fresh beets are marinated in a sweet cardamom syrup." This duo of meat and beet floats on a nage of extra virgin olive oil and "very sour" sheep yogurt. A colorful, tangy dish.

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