Sit. Stay. Tweet. 7 Ways to Hook Your Dog Up to the Web

By Mark Milian - 2013-12-03T18:21:18Z

Courtesy Petnet SmartFeeder

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Smart Food Bowl

OK, all these gadgets are cool, but let's get to the only thing your dog really cares about: food. Petnet's smart pet feeder connects to a home Wi-Fi network and can be activated from an app for iOS or a mobile website for other phones. The system dispenses a preset amount of food for each meal and learns when your pet typically eats in order to tailor automatic feedings. Users can get a notification on their phones when the chow is delivered.

Pet owners can reserve the $199 feeder on the product's website to receive an e-mail when it's available to ship. After it comes out, the price is expected to rise to $249. A connected device that makes sure Rover never misses a meal? Perhaps a dog's new best friend.

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