15 Internet Devices to Make Life Easier -- or Less Annoying

By Bloomberg News - 2013-12-03T18:21:04Z

Courtesy Dropcam

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Dropcam Pro

Price: $199

Webcams aren't new, but Dropcam has made a name for itself in the past couple of years with its simple setup and ease of use. The Wi-Fi camera and monitoring system streams clear video around the clock to your mobile device and can send alerts when it detects activity (which is cool and potentially spooky). For a monthly fee, it also has a DVR-like service so you can view video from days earlier (to watch, for example, how the quake freaked out your cat).

The new Pro model has a 130-degree field of vision and 8X zoom. And like a previous model, it has two-way audio, in case you wanted to bark at Rover to get off your bed or, conversely, bark at your kids to get into bed.

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