Birds of Prey Delay Polish Fracking Boom

By Bloomberg - 2013-02-11T12:04:29Z

Photograph by Getty Images

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Protected Species

"Drillers have to submit environmental studies even though there's no real impact on the environment, resulting in delays and costs as crews have to remain mobilized," Environment Minister Marcin Korolec said Jan. 17 at a news briefing.

It took Polskie Gornictwo, or PGNiG, almost a year to be able to start drilling horizontally from the Lubocino well on its license northeast of Bytow, a town of 17,000 founded in the 12th Century. The process became more complicated after red kites, members of the same bird family as eagles and hawks with a wingspan of about 1.65 meters (5.4 feet), were seen in the area during the required environmental inventory.