The Top 10 Reputation Crises of 2013

By Suzanne Woolley and Ben Steverman - 2013-11-15T18:07:38Z

Photograph by Mario Tama/Getty Images

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No. 6: Nasdaq OMX Group 

Talk about a high-profile snafu. Last year, a software error at Nasdaq OMX delayed Facebook Inc.’s first day of trading on the exchange. Fifteen months later, on Aug. 22, a Nasdaq data feed malfunctioned, stopping the trading in thousands of stocks. On Oct. 29, another faulty feed halted the dissemination of index data for almost an hour. And then on Nov. 1, a Nasdaq error shut the sixth-largest options exchange for almost an entire day. Nasdaq’s problems are akin to a restaurant serving unsafe food, says Diermeier. “It’s a crisis about a core competency that absolutely must be addressed. Even if there's limited direct business impact due to a company's competitive positioning, the core attributes of a brand must be defended." A Nasdaq spokesman declined to comment.

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