Lamborghini Diablo Zooms to 202 MPH Exotic Dream

By Jason H. Harper - 2013-07-11T13:45:56Z

Photograph by Jin Lee/Bloomberg

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I find myself on rolling country hills, long grass tilting with a soft breeze, and give the gas a tentative push to the floor. The engine note changes, becoming less broad and keener; the shimmying of the cabin actually stills. The Diablo bounds forward, an adrenaline shot to the heart.

Later Diablo models got all-wheel drive, a feature now standard on Lamborghinis. But original Diablos are rear-wheel-drive, and the push from the back is like a backslap. The rear tires actually squeal.

The car bounds over a hill and down a squiggly lane, sucking down to the asphalt. Tire grip is excellent and the suspension is good. The brakes, which lack anti-lock, are less than commensurate to the car’s power.

The steering is also unassisted, which makes pulling out of a parking spot a tug-of-war, but it’s excellent on broad sweeping turns. The car is a handful, in the very best of ways.

I pass a group of teens pulled over on the side of the road and they shout, “Go go go!”

I comply.

More than two decades on, the Diablo sure isn’t perfect, but it continues to inspire a dream or two.