Lights! Camera! Taxes! The IRS's Star Turn

By Suzanne Woolley and Ben Steverman - 2013-03-27T17:11:31Z

Photograph by Columbia/Everett Collection

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'The Shawshank Redemption' (1994)

Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is a banker convicted of murdering his wife. He hears chief prison guard Byron Hadley complain about taxes on an inheritance. Dufresne suggests Hadley make a tax-free gift to his spouse. Dufresne winds up doing tax returns for all of the guards -- and for the warden. That gets him protection from overly friendly inmates and a cushy job in the library. Later, it gets him money he laundered for Hadley.

Best tax line: "Uncle Sam puts his hand in your shirt and squeezes your tit till it's purple," Hadley complains.

Tax takeaway: Tax expertise can be key to self-preservation.