The 'Million-Dollar Question': Why Does Hunger Stalk India?

By Mehul Srivastava - 2012-10-25T09:46:33Z

Photograph by Sanjit Das/Bloomberg

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Fetching Water

Life in an Indian village is often ordered around water, tube wells or rivers. Here, Urmila Devi carries a bucket of water, one of dozens she will pump and carry every day to her home.

In the village, which has little running water and almost no indoor toilets, entire fields are open latrines. Women rose earliest, defecating in the dark in the hopes of obtaining some privacy. Open defecation is a national crisis for some 665 million Indians, soiling water and food supplies. It is a major contributor to the spread of pathogens that kill about 1,000 children a day from diarrhea, hepatitis and other diseases.