Top 20 Cities with Billions at Risk from Climate Change

By Eric Roston - 2012-07-06T03:32:54Z

Photograph by Michael S. Lewis/National Geographic Stock

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#16 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

<strong>2005 assets at risk:</strong> $26.9 billion
<strong>2070 est. assets at risk</strong>: $652.8 billion
<strong>2005 population at risk:</strong> 1.9 million
<strong>2070 est. population at risk: </strong>9.2 million

Ho Chi Minh City barely rises above sea level and faces serious flooding risk from tropical storms and typhoons. Growth patterns may be exacerbating the situation, according to a 2010 study by the Asian Development Bank. The bank is funding a $2.5 million project to assist a national program on climate change. Ho Chi Minh City itself has an urban flood-control program and has been attempting to upgrade the drainage systems of its major canal basins.

National and provincial governments have programs to address climate change, but the city still does not have the capacity to analyze and control development, according to Nguyen Quang, Hanoi (Vietnam)-based program manager for the United Nations Human Settlements Program. "They have been lucky so far," said Quang. "They have had some small floods, but not like what happened in Bangkok" last year.

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