The Art of the Steal: Lessons From a Hired Scammer

By Marcus Chan - 2012-03-07T01:44:23Z

Photograph by Riko Pictures

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Zero Percent Chance It's Legit

The scam: There's nothing new or fancy about this scam, but it still seems to work. About a year ago, Stickley and an attractive female accomplice set up a booth offering credit cards at zero percent interest. One setting for the scam was in front of a college-campus bookstore, while another was at a mall. "It was really easy," says Stickley, who recalls fooling some 20 or 30 people into signing up and providing their personal information. He says only a few were unwilling to give up their Social Security numbers.

The lesson: Scams will vary but the lesson is the same -- don't give your confidential information to some random person, even if she has a pretty smile.