The Top 10 White-Hat Hacks

By Jordan Robertson - 2014-07-23T01:49:30Z

Photograph by Glenn Dhapman/AFP via Getty Images

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Domain-Name Disaster

It's not often that someone finds a security hole that affects the entire Internet. Yet in 2008, that's exactly what researcher Dan Kaminsky discovered.

If he were a black hat, the information he uncovered could have been sold for potentially millions of dollars in the underworld. Instead, Kaminsky worked with Microsoft, Cisco and other technology companies to fix a flaw that would have allowed hackers to undermine the Domain Name System that underpins the Internet. Kaminsky found that by adding bad information to packets flowing through the DNS network, which consists of millions of servers that translate numerical Internet addresses into website names, he could direct people to fake sites without their knowledge.

Kaminsky was instrumental in fixing what is remembered as one of the most significant hacking disclosures of all time. 

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