How You Funded Some of the World's Greatest Technologies, Including Fruit Ninja

By Jordan Robertson - 2014-04-01T16:13:22Z

Photograph by Petras Malukas/AFP via Getty Images

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Google Street View

During the 1970s, a DARPA-funded project called Aspen Movie Map at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology involved filming the streets of the Colorado city with 16 millimeter stop-frame cameras mounted on top of cars. Who knew that decades later, Google would take this concept to new heights (Dubai's 2,716-foot building), depths (the underwater museum of Isla Mujeres) and levels of creepiness (such as pulling data from individuals' Wi-Fi networks without permission).

DARPA is now taking the concept one step further, with projects focused on 3-D holographic mapping. Watch out, Tupac

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