Sit. Stay. Tweet. 7 Ways to Hook Your Dog Up to the Web

By Mark Milian - 2013-12-03T18:21:18Z

Courtesy PetTracker/Tagg

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Doggy LoJack

Microchips have become a common way to locate lost pets in the U.S., but they're typically only effective if Spot gets picked up by animal control officers, who often have scanners that can read the chip's ID information. Dogs prone to wandering can be outfitted with a GPS tracker that allows owners to see their pets on a digital map. It's like Find My iPhone for your dog, and it'll cost you nearly as much as that pricey smartphone.

The SpotLite 2 from Securus costs $120, in addition to a $30 activation fee and $20 per month service fee. The company will contact owners when their dogs enter or leave certain places. Tagg's pet tracker is more affordable at $100, which includes three months of service. After that, you'll pay $8 a month.

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