Best Online Bargains -- by Mistake

By Danielle Kucera - 2013-11-18T19:09:43Z

Photograph by Nadine Hutton/Bloomberg

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How to Underprice Amazon

Here’s one way for Wal-Mart to beat Amazon in e-commerce: Sell kayaks for $11 and computer monitors for $9. Earlier this month, a technical error led the world’s largest retailer to mistakenly list steeply discounted online prices on its merchandise. As Wal-Mart tried to correct the problem, customers took to the Web to gloat about their bargain purchases. "I ordered 50 kayaks and 100 speakers," @AlbertMarsh posted. "You better honor it!" 

Wal-Mart did not. The retailer told online shoppers that their orders were being canceled, but said it would send customers a $10 e-gift card for future purchases.

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