Pumpkinnovators: From Gourds to Ghouls

By Suzanne Woolley - 2013-10-25T17:14:06Z

Courtesy Sue Beatrice

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Pushing the Pumpkin Envelope

The third pumpkin Beatrice ever carved is one of her favorites -- a panther leaping out of the jungle. "I've tried to push the envelope, creating scenes and forms that are not usually associated with your usual Halloween themes," she says. For most of her career Beatrice has sculpted in wax and clay for items meant to go into mass production.

Beatrice has done custom pumpkins for corporations and several marriage-proposal pumpkins. Other requests have ranged from carving a single letter into a small pumpkin to carving an elaborate realistic spider into a 600-pound pumpkin. Any injuries? "The biggest risk can be from the crowd getting too close," when she's doing a public carving event, she says. "Last year a child knocked over a light that hit me on the head."