Lamborghini Diablo Zooms to 202 MPH Exotic Dream

By Jason H. Harper - 2013-07-11T13:45:56Z

Photograph by Jin Lee/Bloomberg

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“I made a bid and kind of forgot about it. Then I got an e-mail saying I’d won.”

Like any Lambo worth its salt, this Diablo had a colorful backstory: It had been seized by a drug enforcement agency in Montana and was later put up for auction. It needed a new clutch, a notoriously faulty issue with older Lamborghinis, but was otherwise in good shape.

The back wing also has deep ripples in the finish, speaking less to fine Italian craftsmanship and more to a bored Sant’Agata Bolognese worker who couldn’t wait to knock off for lunch.

“You’re driving a dream, but it doesn’t drive like a dream,” jokes Straus. “I have to take off my shoes to work the pedals and the AC blows out warm air. But you start revving it high and it comes to life. You remember the poster on your wall and think, this is phenomenal.”