Why Choose Between Ferrari’s New Spider or California?: Buy Both

By Jason H. Harper - 2013-05-09T08:08:02Z

Ferrari via Bloomberg

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The Ferrari 458 Spider

On my way to a breakfast meeting in Malibu, I detour onto narrow canyon roads. The California is a bit heavy, a bit less than poised. It’s a ballroom dancer, happiest when given plenty of room to sweep and glide across the asphalt. Ask it to jitterbug and it sweats.

You will elicit two reactions while driving a Ferrari: 1) That’s awesome! 2) Rich jerk. Which side of the divide you fall on depends on both who’s watching and your attitude as a driver. (Offer spectators a chance to get inside themselves. It helps.) Being in a top-down Ferrari means being even more on-display. Try and perfect the art of looking happy, but not too self-satisfied.