What’s For Dinner at Alma in Tel Aviv

By Anthony Grant - 2013-04-02T15:07:06Z

Photograph Courtesy of Alma

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Alma Salad

Romaine lettuce roots and leaves

Roshfeld's variation on a Caesar salad calls for grilled heads of Romaine lettuce, which has very strong roots, similar in texture to asparagus. "Ever seen one?" the chef asks. "It’s amazing long, and very firm—but when you clean it, it’s 95 percent water, so that when you grill it, all the water goes out, and what you’re left with is something very crispy, concentrated and again, very earthy." Then he takes the upper leaves and adds locally caught anchovies, and instead of Parmesan, fresh goat cheese from the Negev desert. It’s lightly roasted before serving.