Five Years and 218 Million IPhones Later

By Mark Milian and Jordan Robertson - 2012-06-29T21:39:55Z

Photograph by Matt Crossick/PA Wire/AP Photo

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IPhone as Slingshot

Admit it: You've spent many an hour launching birds at green pigs or slicing fruit with Ninja precision. The abundance of iPhone gaming apps has turned a lot of nonplayers into players.

Steve Jobs, Apple's late co-founder, said in 2010: "We didn't set out to compete with Nintendo or Sony on their PSP, but we are now a significant part of that market."

So how do iPhone sales compare with those of Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP portable video-game devices? For those gadgets combined, it took roughly seven years vs. the iPhone's five to sell about 218 million units (excluding the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita).