Who's Who at the UN's Rio+20 Summit?

By Sarah Laskow - 2012-06-20T16:51:58Z

Photograph by Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

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Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)

The NGOs Major Group is made up of organizations spanning the entire spectrum of Rio+20 issues, up to and including the International Organization for the Protection and Welfare of Squirrels and the World Future Council, which advocates creation of an "Ombudsperson for Future Generations." NGOs organized themselves into more than two dozen subgroups, including agriculture, tourism, cities and oceans. The NGOs tend to push negotiators for deliverables, with deadlines, to give them confidence their pet issues will be addressed.

Activists of the association "One" hold plants in pots on April 10, bearing pictures of the candidates for the 2012 French presidential election. Their "Plant a seed of change in the G8" campaign was aimed at increasing world's leaders' awareness of hunger and poverty.

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