Brazil's Top 11 Resource Riches

- 2012-03-22T15:33:50Z

Photograph by Marcos Issa/Bloomberg

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Brazil is the world's largest producer and exporter of oranges, providing fruit for about one in six glasses of juice drunk in the U.S. The country produced 19 million metric tons in 2010, compared with less than 7.5 million in the U.S.

Growers said last month that they will stop using a U.S.-banned fungicide called carbendazim, after U.S.-bound shipments were detained. The fungicide, used to fight black-spot fungus in oranges, has been linked to liver tumors in animals. The U.S. started screening orange juice imports last month after Coca Cola Co., maker of Minute Maid, reported traces of carbendazim in shipments from Brazil.

Orange grove workers harvest oranges at a Sucocitrico Cutrale Ltda orange grove on the Santa Maria farm in Analandia, Brazil. Sucocitrico Cutrale makes about 30 percent of global orange juice supplies.

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