New Musical Instruments

By Venessa Wong - 2011-11-02T20:26:33Z

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Hapi Drum

Maker: The Didgeridoo Store
Based: Oakhurst, Calif.
Price: $275 (starting)

This new take on the steel Hang drum creates longer notes that sound similar to bells used in Buddhist meditation practices. Grahm Doe, the founder of instrument wholesaler and retailer the Didgeridoo Store, had been selling didgeridoos from his shop and online but was interested in carrying other ethnic instruments. He invested about $5,000 of his own money to develop the Hapi and started selling the drums in 2009. So far, the company has sold thousands to musicians, music therapists, schools, sound studios, and theater producers, including individuals involved with The Lion King in Las Vegas, says Doe.

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