Thinking Inside the Box

By Jane Hwang - 2013-12-06T18:10:50Z

Photograph by Danny Bright

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Twenty-four containers were retrofitted and transformed into PUMA City, a transportable retail and event building that has traveled to cities including Boston, Stockholm and Alicante, Spain. The structure was designed by LOT-EK, an award-winning studio known for “upcycling” existing industrial objects and systems. It uses 40-foot-long shipping containers as well as a number of the existing container connectors to join and secure the great boxes both horizontally and vertically. Each module is designed to ship as conventional cargo containers through a system of panels that fully seals all of its large openings. The seals are removed at the destination to reconnect the large, open interior spaces. At 11,000 square feet of space, it is the first container building of its scale to be fully mobile.