Winners of the Best Jobs in the Travel Business

By Marisa Lascala - 2013-10-25T16:29:53Z

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Chris Heuisler

From: Belmont, Massachusetts

Winner: RunWESTIN Concierge for Westin Hotels & Resorts, Ongoing

Job duties: "Coaching Westin guests at three more Rock 'n' Roll races this year. I’m responsible for assisting Westin’s VIP Marathon Package guests throughout their training and, once on the property, ensuring that their stay with us is stress-free so they can focus on the race. For those runners who are not part of the VIP Marathon Package, I’ll be on hand to provide last-minute coaching advice and strategy for the race."

What are the perks of the job? "When my brother and I decided to run a marathon in every state back in 2000, one of the great appeals to this endeavor was that we’d get to travel across the country and experience different cities through running. And now, somehow, I’m getting paid to do that. "

Anything totally unexpected happen? "I’ve been surprised by how open runners are on race weekend. I expected some resistance from the running community as runners can be very private, but to my delight most runners enjoy talking about all of their training and preparation. I learn something new from every runner I meet. "

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