The World's Oldest Operating Nuclear Power Reactors 

By Amelia Hennighausen and Eric Roston - 2013-10-18T17:24:06Z

Photograph by Dennis Floss/AP Photo

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7. Ontario, New York

Some leading environmentalists, including Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand and Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, embrace nuclear power as a low-carbon electricity provider. High-profile support from them and others marks a break with environmental tradition, which cooled on nuclear after a number of accidents, including the Three-Mile Island accident in 1979.

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group's R.E. Ginna facility opened for business on July 1, 1970, in Ontario, New York. A Rochester Gas and Electric employee, left, checks for radiation from cars that are coming out of the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant on Jan. 25, 1982. A break in a tube caused radioactive water to leak, and closed the plant. There were no evacuations of the area that surrounds the power plant. 

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