Roy Lichtenstein’s Tate Retrospective

By Martin Gayford - 2013-02-20T10:39:00Z

Tate via Bloomberg

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"Blue Nude" 

Some of the “love” paintings are actually tongue-in-cheek autobiography: “Why, Brad darling, this painting is a masterpiece!” says the girl in one to an artist with the jaw of Superman. “Soon you’ll have all of New York clamoring for your work” (exactly of course what had happened to Lichtenstein).

In another, a sad blonde muses, “M-Maybe he became ill and couldn’t leave the studio.” And indeed, Lichtenstein must have spent the remaining three decades of his life right there.

Left, "Blue Nude" (1995). Towards the end of his life, Lichtenstein painted the classic subject of the nude, translated into his signature pop art language.