Great Debate Moments

By Emma Fidel and Lauren Vicary - 2012-10-05T21:28:12Z

Photograph by Ed Reinke/AP Photo

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A Mighty Wind

Vice President Al Gore sighed loudly and repeatedly during the first presidential debate of the 2000 election -- sighs easily picked up by his microphone while his challenger, George W. Bush, was speaking. Commentators gave his exhalations more coverage than his exhortations, including several mentions of creating a Social Security "lock box." A host of parodies ensued. Pundits suggested that the sighs appeared condescending, while Gore's aides even played Saturday Night Live's debate parody for the candidate to show him what not to do in the future. Poking fun at himself, Gore told Fox News, "I think I'll sigh a little bit less" in the following debate.