Top 20 Cities with Billions at Risk from Climate Change

By Eric Roston - 2012-07-06T03:32:54Z

Photograph by Ken Straiton/Getty Images

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#18 Qingdao, China

<strong>2005 assets at risk:</strong> $2.7 billion
<strong>2070 est. assets at risk</strong>: $601.6 billion
<strong>2005 population at risk:</strong> 88,000
<strong>2070 est. population at risk: </strong>1.9 million

Qingdao could have the highest proportional increase in population exposure to extreme climate events among the cities the OECD studied.

Rain from June through September brings about 75 percent of Qingdao's annual total, with two or three major storms. Flooding in 1990 and 2001 led the city to develop monitoring, prevention and warning systems.

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