Top 35 Tech Gifts for 2013

By Rich Jaroslovsky and Cliff Edwards - 2013-11-18T19:11:41Z

Courtesy Philips

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PicoPix Pocket Projector PPX2495

Who makes it: Philips

What it costs: $450

Why we like it: The palm-sized projector is an able performer both for work and play, with up to two hours of playtime from its internal battery. With brightness of 100 lumens when plugged in, users can project a DVD-quality picture as large as 120 inches. Along with USB, HDMI, VGA, component, and composite connections, the LED projector has a slot for SD and SDHC memory cards. That means you can plug in everything from computers to smartphones and tablets. A built-in digital music player won't give you the best sound out of a 1-watt internal speaker, but does the job in a pinch. The PicoPix isn't a substitute for larger projectors, but it's a handy companion for people looking to lighten the load while traveling.

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