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By Tom Randall - 2013-12-16T19:41:38Z

Courtesy PUMA

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Puma Compostable Clothes

Favorited by Yves Behar
Founder of Fuseproject

Garbage in, garbage out. A well-designed product is no better than its materials. That’s why Yves Behar is a big fan of Puma’s Incycle line of shoes and jackets that are recyclable or  biodegradable. 

“New materials in the apparel and shoe industry have been slow coming,” says Behar, an outspoken advocate for environmental sustainability and social responsibility through design. “InCycle is a line of compostable clothing that is moving the idea forward, finally.”

Behar was the chief industrial designer of the XO $100 laptop for low-income schoolchildren. In 2008, he redesigned the NYC Condom logo and packaging as part of a push to reduce teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. Time Magazine named him one of design’s top 20 visionaries.