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By Bloomberg - 2012-12-24T16:25:34Z

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Hog Wild on the Highway

The biggest danger to drivers on Texas's new State Highway 130 isn't the 85-miles per hour speed limit. It's wandering feral hogs on the road. The highway stretch, which allows Dallas-San Antonio traffic to bypass Austin, experienced four accidents in the month after traffic began flowing on Oct. 24. "At 85 mph, there's not much time to react and those hogs are built solid," Guadalupe County Sheriff Arnold Zwicke told reporter David Mildenberg. No one was injured. The animals' population has swelled to 2.5 million in Texas, dwarfing the 1.4 million pigs raised in the state. Jay Wallace, a machinist and hunter in Splendora, said: "Until you see a wild boar attacking a dog or, God forbid, a small child, people really aren't going to get very serious about getting rid of them."