W Chicago Lakeshore Gets a Sleek Makeover

By Lauren Viera - 2014-07-30T17:07:45Z

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Ever since it opened in 2001, the W Chicago Lakeshore has been a buzzy spot on Lake Shore Drive—its prime location and status as the only lakefront hotel in Chicago certainly helped. But in recent years, the trendy Gold Coast hotel started to look like it needed an injection of glamour. Having recently completed an extensive six-month, $38-million renovation, the new and improved W Chicago Lakeshore opened its doors to us for a private tour of the new space.Left: The W’s new restaurant is called Current, a double-entendre that hints at the big blue view to the east (Lake Michigan) and the hotel’s effort to keep up with the times. Replacing Wave, Current features a seasonal menu and reimagined dining spaces, including a brand new private dining room nestled in a corner behind privacy glass.More From Condé Nast Traveler:How You Can Travel to Space — NowThe Best Food Cities in the U.S.How Not to Look Like a Tourist in ParisLife-Changing Apps for Business Travelers