Nine Hotels Where You’ll Sleep Like a Baby 

By Kristin Conard - 2014-06-26T17:28:08Z

Photograph courtesy Hyatt Hotels

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Sweet Dreams

Vacations are supposed to be a time to recharge and relax, but thanks to street noise, thin-walled hotels, and lumpy mattresses, you may end up more tired than before you started. Avoid insomnia by booking a room at one of these hotels, which offer cutting-edge solutions to even your worst sleep problems.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Twice a week, guests at this hotel can enjoy a view of Tokyo’s skyline at night while taking part in the “Good Night Sleep Stretch”: Soothing poses and breathing exercises are combined with aromatherapy to help release stress and improve circulation and digestion. A cup of herbal tea afterward is just the thing to send you off into an easy night’s sleep.

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