Quitting Your Day Job to Become a Cowboy

By Stephen Smith - 2014-06-10T17:26:37Z

Photograph by Lou Hake

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Home on the Range

Ever wonder what it’s like to quit your day job to explore the great unknown? Photographer Stephen Smith tells us about his new life as a cowboy on a Colorado ranch.

Each year on my birthday, I take a look at where I am and ask myself if it feels right. There have always been certain experiences I’ve wanted from life, one of them being a cowboy. No cramped offices or expensive suits. No corporate memos. Just a true connection to the land. So on my 32nd birthday, I decided to quit my day job selling booze to work on an 87,000-acre cattle ranch in the high plains of Colorado at Chico Basin Ranch. It has been a shock to the system; I’m broke and tired, but I am happy. There is a true sense of purpose in every part of my day, from the boots I wear to the way I mend a fence. Here’s what it’s been like so far.

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