Movie and TV Sites You Can Visit in Real Life

By Aimee Hirsch - 2014-03-11T17:01:20Z

Photograph via Conde Nast Traveler

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If you’ve ever wanted to walk the halls of Downton Abbey or through Panem’s District 12, lucky for you, you can do just that. We’ve rounded up destinations—from New Zealand to North Carolina—that let you experience the sites from your favorite films and shows.

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Matamata, New Zealand

The Shire is one of the most iconic locations from The Lord of the Rings, and is featured in its newer prequelThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. New Zealand visitors have the opportunity to walk in the village of Hobbiton, where Frodo and Bilbo’s respective journeys began. The set in Matamata, New Zealand, sprawls over 12 acres and features 44 hobbit holes, including Bilbo’s, which is known as Bag End. Visitors can also visit the pub the hobbits frequent, The Green Dragon Inn – and get a drink there.

Since December, The Green Dragon has been open for business, and while it is not where the filming of those scenes was done, it is an exact replica of the location. The set is open every day except Christmas and with the next installment of The Hobbit hitting theaters this December, there’s never been a better time to see the Hobbit on set. Visitors must be on a tour to see the location, and many tours are available at a range of prices.

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