The House of Cards Tour of Baltimore

By Jennifer M. Wood - 2014-03-05T19:01:44Z

Photograph by Netflix via Conde Nast Traveler

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Where the Hit Is Really Shot  

Political maneuverer Frank Underwood may rule Washington, D.C. in House of Cards, but the megahit drama is actually shot, for the most part, in Baltimore. As hordes of Netflix customers race to finish up the online series’ recently released second season, we spoke with HOC’s award-winning production designer Steve Arnold about the show’s real (and not-so-real) locations. The bad news? You cannot eat a plate of ribs at Freddy’s. But you can follow Frank’s footsteps all over Charm City.

Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter Metro Station
Washington, D.C.

House of Cards' Francis Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) likes to do a lot of his bidding amidst the noise and chaos of D.C.'s Metro stations. In one of his earliest meetings with reporter Zoe Barnes (played by Kate Mara) in season one, the two can be seen telling secrets at the Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter Metro Station, located in the city's Penn Quarter neighborhood, near the National Archives and U.S. Navy Memorial. The ceiling is a telltale sign that this is an actual D.C. train station. "About 90 percent of the stations in D.C. all have that great vaulted concrete tunnel ceiling look, which is great," says Arnold.

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