The Man Safe: Security for Precious Objects

By Tom Hall - 2014-02-26T16:48:07Z

Photograph courtesy Döttling

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Bespoke Peace of Mind

That 1943 Patek Phillipe worth a million dollars, the vintage colt pistol that's one of a kind, and your daughter's (priceless) first milk tooth... Where can those who have it all, and then some, stow their most treasured belongings?

Luxury safes often have price tags in excess of $200,000 -- a mere snip, perhaps, if you're protecting the family jewels.

With names such as "Narcissus," "Bentley" and "Bel Air Magnus," these safes are often handcrafted, using precious metals and materials that evoke a world of luxury and opulence beyond the reach of most people.

Left: The "Fortress," built by Sindelfingen, Germany-based Döttling GmbH, contains a humidor made of Spanish cedar wood, with an electronic humidifying system.