From Kermit to Clint: Memorable Super Bowl Car Ads

By Mark Clothier and Jamie Butters - 2014-01-24T19:18:56Z

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Between social media, TiVo, Netflix, the Internet and hundreds of cable television channels, it's the rare event that can still get more than 100 million Americans in front of a TV set at one time. Advertisers on Super Bowl XLVIII are paying $4 million to reach those viewers for half a minute, and car companies are again the biggest buyers, after accounting for $92 million, or almost a third of the total, spent last year. That's up from $21 million in 2004, when five brands bought time. Here's a look at some of the more memorable spots.

Volkswagen still struggles to sell cars in the U.S.; it does a better job making us laugh, with last year's spot about the Minnesotan who talks like a Jamaican and the 2011 ad pitching the 2012 Passat with a boy in a Darth Vader costume.