When in Rome, Skip the Sistine Chapel

By Jessica Stewart - 2014-01-21T15:35:39Z

Photograph by Mauritius Images GMBH/Alamy

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Ceilings to Gawk At

The Sistine Chapel ceiling might be a Michelangelo masterpiece, but it's not the only incredible ceiling in Rome. Many people don't know that Rome is replete with equally stunning ceiling art painted during the apex of the Baroque period—and that are much less crowded than the Sistine Chapel. These are the ones worth the crick in your neck.

Il Gesu

The Jesuit order was known for their sumptuous churches during the Baroque age, and nowhere is this more apparent than the rich interior of the Il Gesu church. In typical Baroque fashion, the ceiling painting meshes with the architectural decoration, creating optical illusions and making the viewer feel as though they are about the fly into the sky. As a nice touch, the church has even placed a full length mirror on the floor, tilted at the perfect angle to help you view the masterpiece without straining your neck.

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