Sit. Stay. Tweet. 7 Ways to Hook Your Dog Up to the Web

By Mark Milian - 2013-12-03T18:21:18Z

Photograph by Ross Honeysett/Gallery Stock

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You've heard about connected devices, but what about connected dogs? No, I'm not talking about Sony's weird robot canine from the late-90s. These are wireless gadgets designed for the 21st century mutt.

The so-called Internet of Things, online-enabled objects designed to make people's lives easier, can also lend a paw to Fido. Here's a sampling of doggy devices we dug up, including several that haven't yet hit the market. These gadgets can perform a variety of tricks, including keeping track of your pet's fitness, helping him find his way home, turning your pooch into an online gamer and even allowing him to tweet. Sort of.

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