Tech's Top Turnaround Artists

By Bloomberg Rankings and Marcus Chan - 2013-10-18T00:20:24Z

Photograph by Mike Kemp

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Most Names Won't Ring a Bell

For Microsoft or any technology company looking for a change in leadership, here's our list of chief executives who, since taking over, have helped their companies' stocks go from laggards to outperformers.

A couple of the names you'll recognize. Most of them you won't. That's because many of the CEOs who made our top 20 run companies that don't come close to the size of Microsoft, which has a market value of about $290 billion. The majority of them also aren't in consumer tech.

But based on the methodology of Bloomberg Rankings, which examined stock performances before and after the current CEOs took the helms, these largely unknown executives have overseen some of the biggest turnarounds in tech shares.

See who made the list. And if you decide to hire any of them, don't worry. We'll waive the finder's fee.

Read the methodology here.