The Top 10 Russian Donors

By Bloomberg Markets - 2013-08-14T19:33:56Z

Photograph by Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

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Charity, Russian Style

Earlier this year, 52-year-old nickel magnate Vladimir Potanin became the first Russian billionaire to sign up for the Giving Pledge, promising at least half of his wealth to philanthropic causes. Interest in charitable giving is growing among the richest Russians, Bloomberg Markets reports in its September issue. Many of these Russians prospered on assets they purchased in the post-Soviet era of the 1990s. Some are now seeking to throw off their reputations as profligate spenders more interested in yachts than philanthropy, especially because, as Potanin says, “The gap between the poor and the rich is so huge.” Here are the most 10 charitable Russian billionaires.