Excavating 'Armageddon'

- 2012-06-20T14:14:42Z

Courtesy of Megiddo Expedition/Tel Aviv University via Bloomberg

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Megiddo Beads

Archaeologists who found a 3,000-year-old gold ibex earring in the remains of the ancient Canaanite city identified with "Armageddon" anticipate that further discoveries will broaden historical insights about the location.

Digging resumed on June 17, almost a month after the announcement that a jewelry trove was found in the remains of a private home built near the palace that housed regional rulers at that time.

Archaeologists debate whether Megiddo, part of present-day Israel, was one of several Egyptian garrisons in the late Bronze Age, said Israel Finkelstein, co-director of the dig.

Megiddo, which the New Testament identifies with the "Armageddon" battle of the end of days, has been home to 37 different cities over thousands of years and is a trove of archaeological treasure.

Left, Beads found at Megiddo.