The House of Cards Tour of Baltimore

By Jennifer M. Wood - 2014-03-05T19:01:44Z

Photograph by Netflix via Conde Nast Traveler

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The Underwood Residence

Those looking to snap a very vice-presidential pic in front of the Underwood residence are only half in luck. Though the townhouse is located on a real street—a family home at 1609 Park Avenue, in the city's Bolton Hill neighborhood—many of the show’s exterior shots, and all of its interiors, are actually filmed on a re-created set on the House of Cards soundstage. "Because both of these characters are kind of nefarious, we wanted it to have very sharp edges and clean lines," says Arnold of the interior design. "If there was a table leg, for example, we wanted it to be tapered to a point so that it was kind of sharp, almost like teeth, as these are sort of shark-like people. But it's done in a very subtle way."

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